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Why hire me to write for you? Because I write with heart and integrity and I’ve been equipped with a lifetime of writing experience to help bring the heart of the message to your readers.

I’m well versed in journalistic writingincluding AP stylebut am also fond of other non-fiction styles, such as narrative writing and creative non-fiction. Whatever the tonejournalistic, conversational or businessI pay heed to each publication’s style and give great consideration to the composition and relevance of each piece. I’ll also go above and beyond to research the topic at hand and use only reliable, accurate sources of information. Because I believe in continuously developing my writing voice, I’m currently working towards an editing certificate from UC Berkeley’s writer’s program.

I’m presently authoring a book for the Christian marketplace and that is intended to be read by parents to their young children (ages five to eight years old). I am excited to share the book and its concept with interested agents.

Hire me to write about one of these topics:

The local community beat: From local hot spots to sticky issues, I cover it all with an objective, journalistic approach that hits right at the heart of the issue.

Parenting: As a mom to two youngsters, I believe children are one of life’s greatest gifts. Topics include: family life, special needs, milestones, educational growth, age-appropriate crafts and heartfelt topics of parenthood.

Interviews: I’m highly interested in what motivates a person’s successes, failures and desires. I love interviewing subjects and have a knack for making them feel comfortable with me, while maintaining a professional relationship. I believe in finding the best in each person rather than exposing their weaknesses, and if I must share an individual’s vulnerabilities, it is only with their permission and with great sensitivity to their personal life.

Business writing: With a degree in Marketing from the University of San Diego and a decade of experience in the corporate world, I understand the importance of creating spot-on business communications that powerfully grab the attention of the target market. I’ll strive to peak the reader’s curiosity and make it so itch-worthy that they’ve got to find out more about you by clicking through to your site. I write RFPs, press releases, marketing communications, web content and white papers.

Adventure, stay-cations and travel for families: I love to travel and though it’s not easy as a parent, traveling is well worth the effort. While writing about a destination, I pay special attention to add beauty into the detail of the article, explaining to the reader the culture, food, entertainment aspects and people of the travel destination.

College entrance essay guidance: Essays can make or break the applicant’s chance at acceptance so it’s imperative that the essay truthfully and concisely reflect the student’s heart and story. Though I will not write an essay for the applicant, I will help to brainstorm acceptance-worthy content and guide the writer on grammar and composition. Every person has a unique story to share, whether it be a challenge, triumph, learning lesson or passion. I’ll help the student to bring their story to light by developing a unique, powerful message that stands out to the admissions team. And, we’ll work together until it is edited to perfection.

Christian and/or mommy-based blog bits: If it has to do with writing about God or family, I’m all in. I will do my best to pray on and then write from my heart, using scripture as my guide.

Interested? Fill out the contact form on the ‘Contact’ page and I’ll get back to you with more information and my portfolio.

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